Life in Alaska Blog

Fall Seafood Bonanza

Jeff and I went fishing at low tide Friday morning.  He picked me up at 7 am and I had to be back for a 10 am meeting.  We drove to the trailhead a few miles from the house, put on our chest waders, and headed down the trail and out to Gastineau Channel.  I… Continue Reading

The Alaskan Temne

My Sierra Leone friend Andrew caught his first salmon on his own from the beach here last night.  We are in the midst of a big coho salmon return to our hatchery (called DIPAC) and the fish are really big this year.  Andrew went down the area the fish were milling near the fish ladder… Continue Reading

Cabin Time

Andrew finally was in a position to spend the night at the cabin.  He works two full time jobs.  So there’s rarely a day off.  If he didn’t have to sleep, he’d have 3 full time jobs.  That’s what opportunity in Alaska means for an immigrant.    He saw his father murdered by rebels in… Continue Reading