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Day 2

Day 2 of retirement from my desk job. Went on a 3 mile hike (each way) in Juneau up to the city water source with our scout troop. It was 4 adults and 1 scout to start. Beautiful day in the 20’s and sunny. About half way there, 3 more people caught up to us… Continue Reading

Moose Shank

I got out the first shank of moose leg from the February hunt to cook yesterday. I’m guessing it was about 7 inches long and 5 inches wide. Shanks are great to eat. They just take a long time of slow cooking. I salt and peppered, braised the moose shank in olive oil, and took… Continue Reading

Deer Bone Stock

Deer Bone Stock

Roy was hunting over on the outer coast north of Sitka on his annual trip. Since I wasn’t getting many deer in, I asked him to save me any leg bones they weren’t going to use, so I could make stock. He dropped an 80 lb fish box off of nice leg bones early this… Continue Reading

Sewing with Fatboy

Went to the cabin on Friday with the portabote punt planning to leave the big skiff on the haul out, and row the portabote to Admiralty to deer hunt on Sat. Forecast called for big winds and rain. Forecasters were not kidding. Saturday morning I went down to the boat and seas too big to… Continue Reading


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