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The Death Knell

Once upon a time, there used to be oodles upon oodles of steamer clams around Juneau if you knew where to go. I would steam, smoke and can them. They were great on crackers. My buddy Charlie and his wife loved them. When he moved to Juneau, he wanted to. We went to my favorite,… Continue Reading

Crabbing lesson

Sara’s sister was in town to see Sara get sworn in to the legislature.  I told her that my new dungy crab pot was fishing well, but the old one of the same design was not.  She said try putting some pop cans in the pot.  When I pulled the pots yesterday, there were 7… Continue Reading

King Crab

I finally got my king crab pot out. The first check I had 1 female to throw back. An announcement told us the season would close on today so I went to the cabin yesterday to pull the pot for the season. I grabbed the buoy and moved to the center of the back deck… Continue Reading

Day 2

Day 2 of retirement from my desk job. Went on a 3 mile hike (each way) in Juneau up to the city water source with our scout troop. It was 4 adults and 1 scout to start. Beautiful day in the 20’s and sunny. About half way there, 3 more people caught up to us… Continue Reading


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