the alaska wild salmon company

We work with Juneau’s fishing families at Taku River Reds and Pelican’s fishing families at Yakobi Fisheries, to provide you with the best fresh salmon!

Who we are

We’re Mark Stopha and Sara Hannan from Juneau, Alaska. We sell sustainably harvested salmon from the wilderness waters of the Gulf of Alaska.

Learn how to cut salmon steaks from the master!

Good Salmon Pittsburgh

I'm Adrianne and I live with my family in Pittsburgh. I had the privilege of growing up on a farm in Michigan, selling fresh produce and flowers at the markets and now we're happy to be your source for high quality Alaskan salmon at the markets here in Pittsburgh.

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Life in alaska blog

Mark's stories and humor on his life in Alaska

Elk Hunting 2021

October 16, 2021

Roy and I drew party elk tags for Eastern Afognak Island. The trip started out auspiciously when son Zeke overslept and missed his flight from Haines to Juneau. Normally, that wouldn’t b...

End of a great summer

September 26, 2021

Saturday started out with a lot of frustration from a simple random car issue.

I was cleaning out the garage and had some fishing gear to give to Jeff.  When I set it on the passengers ...

Coho fever

September 08, 2021

Andrew went with me hand trolling on Monday.  It was so choppy I would not have been able to fish I don’t think if he wasn’t there driving.  The jacked up cleaning tray worked grea...

Perfect trip for good friends

September 03, 2021

Chris and Sheila left this morning after a week of fun here. Sheila is the sister of my late friend from grad school, Jimmy, who made me feel most welcome among his family during my 2 years in...