Moose complete

I wrapped the rounds of shank meat on the bone I’d cut with reciprocating saw and put the last of the moose meat to bed in the freezer last night. I figured it was about 40 to 50 man hours of work to get the meat off the bone, trimmed, butchered, hamburger meat ground, shanks cut crosswise, the meat vac packed or wrapped, and into the freezer.  We had to get another small freezer and borrow a second to accommodate everything. An education in moose harvesting. I rounded out the end of the auger on the ancient Kleen Kut meat grinder I own, and finished the grinding of deer meat I wanted to do while I was at the moose meat on the Kitchen Aid grinder. Bob B thinks we can fix the auger by welding a bead around the spot for the square end that holds the knife, then grind it out into a square to hold the knife.

I bought a stacking set of cookie cooling racks and making jerky on the woodstove and think they’ll work out great.

Getting a good amount of snow still and the skiing is good on Mendenhall Lake. But days are getting longer and the daytime temperature is above freezing so the snow can’t hold on for long. Shouldn’t be too much longer and the hooters will start to hoot.


Took my 2nd trip duck hunting to the Stikine River. The first time, I was the hunt leader in unknown country. Now, I’m married into brothers that grew up there. A high school teacher became like an uncle to them, and they have a cabin with him up the river. Each year, they have to… Continue Reading

Perfect Day

Forecast for Tuesday was for clear sky and high 40’s.  Weekend forecast was wet and windy, again, so time to start hunting as weather allowed.  I was idling in the Yukon with the boat behind in the driveway about 620 am wondering where Kurt was.  He’s never late.  I check the time on my flip… Continue Reading

Taking Stock

Not sure why you don’t discover simple things till you hit 50 but there it is. I’d never done anything with the bones and meat scraps left on them after butchering a deer till recently. Turns out this really extends the amount of food you get from the deer, plus it’s also some of the… Continue Reading