May 11, 2005

Fished my way home on Tuesday. Lost a king at the boat at a place called
Homeshore, so had that to stew about for the next 5 hours running to Juneau.
Sold my salmon to my Juneau customers today, and doled out rockfish to salmon
buyers as well as friends who help us with the business. We had 3 for dinner
tonight – just incredible how good they are. I just fried them in olive oil
with lemon pepper, paprika and tabasco, then we ate the fish with rice.

As usual, a long day of shipping pet treat and canned salmon orders, working
with my webmaster (and sister) regarding our webpage, taking an order for
salmon from a Florida customer over the phone, and just running around in
general. I also removed a leaky anchor winch from the boat for repair, got a
start on finding and fixing my boat’s transmission problem, changed the oil in
my Detroit Diesel 453 engine, and painted the hold hatch cover before the
forecasted rain.

Finally getting some relief from all the sunny weather. Clouded up today, and
supposed to rain in the next few days. Pollen from the spruce trees is all
over everything now – cars, boats, the ocean – everything. Need a good rain
to wash it off. Not sure if there is an unusually large amount this year, or
that it just seems so because it’s so dry. The change in weather should move
some fish our way, and I hope to have the boat all repaired by weeks end so I
can get back out fishing.

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