May 24, 2005

Stuck in town waiting for a replacement marine muffler
for the boat. In a larger town like Juneau, with so
much commercial fishing activity, you’d expect there
to be someone who would carry them, but there is not.
I called a store in Juneau who referred me to a store
in Anchorage who referred me to a firm in Oregon. I
tried explaining what I needed and even e-mailed a
photo only to not have my phone call or e-mail
returned. So, I called another business in Seattle
(Hamilton Jet) and about 5 minutes after Dave the
Parts Guy received my e-mail we were in business.
He’s shipping up the part air freight, so it should be
here tomorrow or the next day at the latest, which
pretty much blows fishing this week. However, my
anniversary is May 26, so if I’m gonna get stuck in
town, this is a great time to be so!

Spent the day moving remainder of my catch to my
processor, got things ready on the boat for the new
muffler, mailed out orders of our pet treats. In a
business like ours, the work starts from the minute
you tie up to the dock coming in from a trip to the
minute you untie to leave again. It’s always a great
feeling to feel the tension of town melt away as I
motor away from the dock and back in search of more

I’ve been noticing a lot of large white squid eaten by
the big salmon I’m catching. I read in the paper
these are California squid, and they’re catching them
right off the dock in Sitka now. I’ll try to rig up a
big white spoon with a hootchie skirt to see if I can
imitate the things. I’ve been using big white
hootchies behind a flasher, and they have been
producting any better than the other gear I’m fishing,
so maybe a spoon/hootchie combo will work.

Mark Stopha and Sara Hannan
Alaska Wild Salmon Company
F/V Dutch Master
Hook and Line Fresh, Frozen, and Smoked Wild Salmon
Salmon Pet Treats
4455 N. Douglas Hwy
Juneau, AK 99801

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