May 26, 2005

Today was a typical day in fishing boat repair. The welder who called me last evening told me to bring over the pieces for him to repair in the morning. I met him about 9 am. We talked about what needed to be done, he said he understood, and that he’d get to it this afternoon. Along about 2 pm he calls back saying he didn’t have the right pipe, his partner didn’t show up to work, and that I might want to get someone else if I wanted it done today. Of course, that was not likely since the work day was about over. I took it to a nearby welder who I would have gone to first had this guy not called me back the previous evening, and he said he could probably get to it this afternoon or tomorrow.

My next issue was finding a heavy duty hose clamp. I bought a 3 inch clamp, which was a tad too big. Then a 2.5 inch clamp which was a tad too small. Then spent the rest of the day calling or going to store in town. Either they didn’t carry the clamp type I need, or they did not have the 2.75 inch size.

So, here I sit another day on the beach and not able to do a thing about it. One good thing is that today’s our 9th anniversary, so a good day to be home. Hopefully all this maintenance and repairs will pay off and I won’t have any major issues later in the season when daily catches will be much higher.

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