May 7, 2005

No fish in the early morning, so left for Hoonah to get more ice and some groceries, and then head west towards the open ocean to try there. Three brown bears feeding along the beach between Eagle Pt and Pt Adolphus. Also passed a cow and calf humback whales, both with a neat white patch on their dorsal fins, presumably passed from mom to junior. Also caught a hawg – about 30 lb – king along there to top it off!

I installed what’s known as a black box, from Cabelas. It’s supposed to regulate the micro-voltage given off by a moving boat. It seems that the fish do act calmer when they near the boat with the unit set at 5, but this could also just be my imagination, too.

Anchored for the night in the 7 fathom bight on the north end of Shaw Island. Lots of sea otter lounging at the surface out here near the outer coast in the sunny weather and flat calm seas.

Turned off the boat stove yesterday and looks like more 70 degree weather this week.
Fishing in one my favorite kind of location – out of cell phone range…

Mark Stopha
F/V Dutch Master
Alaska Wild Salmon Co
4455 N Douglas Hwy
Juneau, Alaska 99801

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