Aug 16, 2005

Northwesterly today made for sloppy seas in the afternoon. Fishing slow in the morning, and the fish showed up at low tide about noon. Same kings as the first two days, but only 40 cohos. Catching a few sockeye here as well. Big cohos late in the day. Kept tangling my gear on the starbard side between the heavy and the bag lines. Tried lengthening the heavy tag line and adding weight to the bag line, but continued to tangle gear so I finally just pulled the bag in and fished 3 lines. Maybe I need to turn to port when setting the starbard bag or something. Tomorrow may be the last fishable day till Friday as 30 kt winda and rain forecast for Thurs.

Mark Stopha
F/V Dutch Master
Alaska Wild Salmon Co
4455 N Douglas Hwy
Juneau, Alaska 99801

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