Aug 18, 2005

Winds and rain as forecast. I listened to the hourly wind reports at the Cape Edgecumbe and Fairweather buoys. As the winds continued to come down, I pulled anchor to poke my nose out into the Gulf to test the weather. Before I got to the mouth of Lisianski, I met the Ellie IV, owned by my friend Jons. He said he was headed inside due to weather, so I turned around and put my gear down in the Inlet in the calm waters. I made one loop. When I pulled my gear, I shook half a dozen pinks and 2 cohos, as the fishing didn’t look promising enough to keep fishing. On the last spoon on the last line pulled was a white king salmon which I did not shake, and I returned to the anchorage. I cleaned and iced the king, then did chores like changing the tag donut on the starbard heavy line, tightened the hydraulic pump belts, and tidied up the cabin before taking a nap. When I awoke in mid afternoon ready to head out fishing, I turned on the weather to hear the updated forecast. T!
he light winds for the Cape Cross area were now changed to 30 kt easterlies, so I stayed put. I’ll fish Cross Sd tomorrow, then head inside the following day – home if I fill the boat tomorrow. Been out of cell range for 5 days now (what we call bliss), and hope the business hasn’t collapsed when I renew contact with America.
Made one of my new favorite dinners last evening – one can of kidney beans, a can of diced Italian tomatoes, a pound of deer sausage, a half cup of instant rice and a cup or water. Brown sausage in olive oil, add to beans and tomatoes, simmer. Then add rice and water, simmer till rice sets up. Serves 1 for two to 3 days.

Mark Stopha
F/V Dutch Master
Alaska Wild Salmon Co
4455 N Douglas Hwy
Juneau, Alaska 99801

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