Aug 31, 2005

Fishing bad and getting worse. Caught 5 at Adolphus, so left for Homeshore, where I caught 1, so headed for Funter now. My partner Chris is headed the other way to the outer coast. I’ve always wanted to fish lower Chatham, and so plan to sell on Friday and start at Pt. Retreat and continue south until I find some fish or reach Cape Ommaney on south Baranof Island.
Have been listening to the CNN feed on XM radio. The destruction in New Orleans sounds incredible. I visited there many times while attending grad school at Mississippi State, and it is one of my favorite cities, as far as cities go. It has the feel of a foreign city. The Mississippi gulf coast sounds in bad shape as well, and so our lack of fishing success and loss of income this summer are of no consequence to losing loved ones or a home. Folks in rural Mississippi live pretty close to the land, and so I’m guessing most have no insurance for this type of disaster.

Mark Stopha
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