Why I need to leave fishing: So this morning I go to
Alaska Airfreight. Yesterday, I take the fish in, and
all is it always is – weigh the fish, where’s it
going, here’s my id and credit card. Today, I walk in
and everything has changed. You can’t book your fish
here – you have to call or do it online. You have to
know the weight of your fish. If it’s transferring
airlines, you need to tell them what carrier to put it
on (like I’d know what carriers go to Rooster Poop,
Mississippi). So, I go back, weigh the boxes, and
then try online. After I tell them everything, I get
a reply that says we’ll get back to you within 6
hours! Not six minutes – six freakin’ hours! So, I
call, and of course, it’s a minute telling me all my
options, then I’m on hold, then told it’ll be four
more minutes. An hour later, I’m back with my air
freight and watch the counter person (who I really
like and cannot like how this is going) does
everything they normally would do with paper work,
etc. so now it takes twice as long to ship a box of
fish, and at a higher price. Then, a guy parks his
camaro in the middle of the street right across my big
back bumper with the gate lift on it, and although I
see him when I first come out, I make a call, and
forget he’s there, and don’t see him till it’s too
late, and now his nice camaro has a dent and I’ve had
my first accident insurance claim of my driving
career! Which leads me to the notion that I like
fishing as much to get away from business and the rat
race of our little podunk town as it is to be out
fishing. I also realize our customers keep coming
back because although our service may not be perfect
every time, we always make things right if anything
goes wrong and they know we want to make them happy,
and not just take their hard-earned money!

Mark Stopha and Sara Hannan
Alaska Wild Salmon Company
Wild Salmon and Salmon Pet Treats
4455 N. Douglas Hwy
Juneau, AK 99801

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