July 12, 2006

What a freakin’ 24 hours. I delivered fish from Lena
Point to Thane, starting at Lena at 5 pm. It was
already 9 pm when I was in Thane, and I was not nearly
done with Douglas Island customer deliveries, so I
called everyone, who graciously said not to worry.

I ordered a pizza on the way home – veggie delight.
The delivery kid brought in the pizza, I paid, and I
took it to the kitchen. When I opened the box, I saw
it was pepperoni, so I snapped back the lid, and tried
to hurry out to the driveway to catch the dude. I
tripped right next to the door, the pizza box flew and
landed upside down next to the door. So, I wasn’t
about to have this pizza go to someone else, and the
guy pulled away so I went in and started eating. The
pizza tasted like a salt bomb – not sure if it was
just the pepperoni or what. I had not eaten anything
all day, so put a dent in the pie.

I fell asleep watching Jimmy Kemmel, and woke about
2:45 am, shut off the lights and TV, and hit the rack.
I awoke about 8 am and something didn’t seem right.
I ran to the bathroom, and then knew something was
definitely in the wrong. I had stomach flu or food
poisioning, and I never get sick. I’d experienced
this once in Sierra Leone, although it was more severe
there, and knew I was in for a long day.

I had to get an order to our Tennessee buyer, the
Shrimp Dock, in Knoxville, so it would leave today and
be there by Friday at the latest. I dragged my sorry
butt out of bed with the pounding headache and body
aching all over, and managed to get to my processor to
pick up the fish. The staff there helped me load the
boxes, I got to the airport, and got them on the plane
without incident.

I returned home and was out like a light for a couple
more hours. I got up again about 3 to get ready to
deliver to Douglas Island customers. I dropped a
white king off at our friend Jeff’s house for the
usual just-got-back-from-a-trip barbeque, where we
supply a fish and they do the rest for the
neighborhood. That allowed me to also swing by our
local homeless shelter to drop them 5 or 6 cohos. I
used to deliver there weekly, but this was the first
time this year. I noticed I felt better as I
returned over the bridge to Douglas, and guess doing
my penance for the shelter may have been a good tonic.

I gave all my customers extra fish as I’d kept them
waiting an extra day, and sure enjoy delivering fish
over selling at the boat. At the boat, it’s more like
a cafeteria line of people in line waiting to pick up
their fish. This way, I can chat with each customer
and it’s much less hectic.

My fish buyer from Fairbanks, who runs an extremely
successful restaurant (Players Grille), called and
asked about his fish. I told him it should be there
soon, as I’d shipped it yesterday. The “Extreme
Makeover” show is there building a house near
Fairbanks, he got the catering contract, and he’s
serving our fish! He said something like 4,200 meals
for the whole shoot. I was sure to send a pile of
cards with the fish.

Hope to shake this flu and be back tomorrow in better shape.

Mark Stopha and Sara Hannan
Alaska Wild Salmon Company
Wild Salmon and Salmon Pet Treats
4455 N. Douglas Hwy
Juneau, AK 99801

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