July 8, 2006

About 15 northerly today. Few fish. Made plans for offloading in Juneau. I was apprehensive about it as I’ve never offloaded such a large catch. I contacted my processor, who assureed me it would be no sweat and he’d oversee us using the cranes, etc.

One observation on modern day fishing. It’s getting harder and harder to see out the window for all the electronics. The vessel has 3 windows in the front. Only the window in front of the captain’s chair is virtually unobstructed. The center and port windows have a computer screen showing the chart of the waters we’re fishing and our vessel’s location via GPS. Next to the computer screen is a radar screen to show us where other boats are in relation to us. Hanging from the cabin ceiling is a Loran screen, the 70’s version of today’s GPS. In front of the port window is a depth sounder. Pretty soon they’ll quit putting windows in and replace it with a big screen video replay from a camera mounted on the front deck.
Mark Stopha
F/V Dutch Master
Alaska Wild Salmon Co
4455 N Douglas Hwy
Juneau, Alaska 99801

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