Saving Money

We needed totes this year, and my friend said we could get them in BC and get them shipped up here for free with a local processor and save lots of money.  So, we ordered them back in April or May.  May went by.  June went by.  And now July is almost by.

When I’d ask my friend where our totes were, he said they were here in town, we just had to find them. Today, I finally hear that the processor gave the totes to the Canadian gillnetters up the Taku and that they “need them”.   So our cheap totes are now no totes.  So, I just now ordered 4 from Sitka, where luckily my fishing partner is fishing, so he can bring them back to town.  Lesson learned.

Mark Stopha and Sara Hannan
Alaska Wild Salmon Company
Wild Salmon and Salmon Pet Treats
4455 N. Douglas Hwy
Juneau, AK  99801

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