Return of the Crab

Ranger Dug and I got out at daybreak today (730 am)
and fished our rings again in the same places we were
skunked a few days ago, when the commercial fishery
was still opened. We had crab on most pulls today,
and got about a dozen dungeness and tanner crab before
heading in about 1040 am so I could get home and to
work at noon.

Another beautiful morning, about 35 degrees and with
the sun trying to poke through the high clouds and a
light southeast breeze. No rain, either. Still
caught no male king crab, so we’re going to have to
look around a bit. We also started fishing today at
low tide, just as it started to flood, so maybe that
has something to do with our catch rates, too.

Mark Stopha and Sara Hannan
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