June 18, 2007

So, I’m stuck somewhere between a business and a day
off. I went down in the boat I’d planned to buy fish
from in the round and then dress them on board, except
our DEC says I can’t do that. So, I was heading down
the channel to see if I could help a fellow fishing
business with anything. First off, I found Tim, who I
fished with last year, and thought great, I’ll get on
his boat and get cleaning. However, he was just
pulling in his net when I got there, and said he had
hung his net either in the prop or the rudder, and so
had to head to town to fix it.

I tried hailing my other fish partner, and
discovered my radio didn’t work. So I headed up the
inlet until I ran out of boats, looking for the boat
of my friend. I went up one shore, then crossed the
inlet and down the other.

When I found him, he said fishing was slow, and there
was not much I could do. I headed back to where I’d
met Tim, and anchored the boat to see if I could fix
the radio, which I could not. It would broadcast but
not receive. So, back, to the dock, then to the
house for the spare radio, and back down to the
fishing area. I anchored again in the same area,
announced I was looking to buy dressed, bled chum and
sockeye salmon, and waited. Dead silence on the
radio. Not one taker. So, I thought maybe someone
would come by later, to I started fixing things on the

I had not started the noisy 2 stroke pump for a year,
and the last time I ran it the gas had a lot of water
in it. I filled it with fresh gas, tried to prime it,
pulled and pulled, but it would not start. I took off
the primer bulb, and started into the diaphram below
until I got to a gasket that was glued in so I
stopped. I replaced the diaphram and the bubble, and
that was all it took. The bubble started priming the
fuel system, and it started up.

Next, to fix the kill switch on the honda hydraulic
pump. I pulled off the switch, shined up the kill
contact, replaced it – and now that was worked too.

It went on like this the rest of the afternoon. Get
after one thing after another. I listened to the
radio, saw a mature and immature bald eagle lock
talons on mid air and wind mill round and round almost
all the way to the water before parting and flying
their separate ways. Took a nap, and had countless
cups of coffee. When I saw my fishing partner heading
to anchor up about 8:30 I realized no one was going
to sell to me today. I headed to the anchorage, and
was pleased to hear one of the fishing partners needed
me to help out next week – sweet! So I don’t have to
worry about fish next week. He said he needed help
“gillnetting”, which I’m no help, but we’ll figure it

Not sure if I can get what I need from the possey as
they have their own markets to fill, but I’m sure my
local delivery customers will understand – they always
do. As long as the fish is good, they’ll wait. So,
I got back after $100 of fuel burned and no fish, but
any day out on the water with no big mishaps is a good
day, and I sure enjoyed getting out of town.

Mark Stopha and Sara Hannan
Alaska Wild Salmon Company
Wild Salmon and Salmon Pet Treats
4455 N. Douglas Hwy
Juneau, AK 99801

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