July 1

First July 7 in about 8 years that I have not been on the outer coast trolling for king salmon. I did jump on with some friends this morning to sport fish for kings near Juneau, but no luck. Pretty late in the run, and we mostly saw chum salmon being caught.

No word yet what’s happening with the fishery. When I came over the Juneau bride today at 930 am to go out and pack up some fish shipments, there was a line of gillnetters as far as you could see down the channel, steaming out to start fishing at noon today, past the 5 cruiseships docked or anchored off of downtown Juneau.

Sockeye seem slow coming in this year, but plenty of chum salmon. Sounds like the Stikine has more sockeye in than up here.

Mark Stopha and Sara Hannan
Alaska Wild Salmon Company
Wild Salmon and Salmon Pet Treats
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