Bolivar Football Update

My hometown team lost in the state semi-finals to
Walton, a team who recently dropped to our smallest
school class (D) due to declining enrollment, and who
were appartently a power house in C class, sending 4
kids from a team to Div. I football programs –
something our school has only done once that I know
I saw their fullback in the only photo I saw of the
game, and he already looked like he was in college!

The kids lost 48-0, so it could not have been pretty.
However, after all their success, our team won the
sportsmanship award out of about 30 teams in our area.
If only you could bottle that. Good sportsmanship
and championship teams don’t usually go together. I
don’t think anyone accused the Red Sox of the best
sportsmanship. It’s good to see coaches willing to
work in such a small town as Bolivar, NY and who can
take kids this far but apparently helping them to see
that how they act is as important as winning.

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