Deer Hunting Bust

Looks like the only deer I’ll get this year will be
via bribe or just love from my neice in Craig. I’ve
only seen one deer all season, and my hunting
companions have yet to see even one. I saw 2 sets of
bones from what looked like yearling deer in the woods
on Wed. My partner said he heard there may have been
up to 90% winter mortality last year, and it sure
looks like it.

There must have been a line south of here where there
was little snow, because I’ve heard many good reports.
The best from my 13 year old niece, who took 4 deer
(and her dad 2 deer) about a week ago hunting near
Craig. He had to go back the next day to retrieve
some of the deer he hung in trees. He took a friend
to help. My brother in law ended up running into into
another 4 point, and his friend into his own deer, so
he had less help and even more deer to get to the
beach. So it goes. I’m really itching to get down to
Prince of Wales, but have already burned up enough
time and money, and the freezer is pretty full with my
elk share from Afognak. Time to work more on crab and
garage cleaning, I guess.

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