Hunting in the rain

Went hunting on Monday 102607 on Admiralty Island. It
was pouring rain, and blowing pretty good. I found a
decent place to anchor-out the boat, and headed into
the woods. I didn’t see so much as squirrel all day.
It should be rut time for the deer, but no response to
calling. I worked my way up to the base of the ridge
before I saw any deer sign. The ridge had fog and/or
mist 3/4 of the way down it, so that didn’t look
promising. I walked through the muskegs at the base
of the ridge for awhile and nothing. I thought maybe
a deer would come out in the rain because they may be
rutting, but no luck.

Tuesday it stormed harder than Monday, so I stayed put
in the cabin, but by Wed, it had blown through, and so
seas calmed enough to make it home. I pulled the crab
pot, and the bio-twine had broken and the lid was
open. I tossed back the lone crab still in the pot,
put new twine on, and the pot back to fish.

Mark Stopha and Sara Hannan
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