How to Fundraise for your Union, Alaska Style

Some things you can’t make up. Last year or so, a
captain of our ferry system managed to run a ferry
full of passengers aground on a charted reef on a
calm, sunny day. This week, the union he and the
ferry crew were members of were AWARDED nearly half a
million dollars by the state because they “failed to
notice” the unions when they put on a private vessel
and crew to take over the run of the state ferry crew
that ran the boat up on the rocks! I am not kidding.
Read it here:

Fortunately, one of our best friends represents the
union, so I’ve been harrassing him to no end. He also
represents members who work at our harbors here in
town – where we charge harbor fees 40 to 400% more
than are communities, which has led to much of our
commercial fleet leaving town. I told him he could
team up his unions to raise money for the harbor here.
The captains and ferry crew could start grounding
some of the larger vessels, and they could take the
money they’d get back from the state to fund the
harbor, and everybody wins!!??!!

Mark Stopha and Sara Hannan
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