Return of the crab

Ron and I went to the cabin on Thurs, as spring is
definitely on the way. Still below freezing at night,
but we’re in the midst of a stretch of sunny skies and
starlit nights.

We had pizza topped with Elk, sauteed mushrooms and
onions for dinner. O-MY-Garage is that a good combo.
On the way back to town, we checked the crab pot, and
were happy to see they’re back. We had over a dozen.
On crossing Stephens Passage, we saw a lone female
orca on the move. I can’t remember seeing a single
female before – only males have I seen alone.

We got home to more sun. We divided up the crab
catch, then I started handing out my share two by two
to friends. We ate a couple ourselves, and what’s not
to like about fresh crab.

Spent all day Friday changing the shocks on my truck.
I am still pulling dust and rust from the corners of
my eyes and from my nose. Not much required other
than brute force and a colorful vocabulary to change
shocks. Learned a long time ago to have the sawzall
handy and ready to cut off rusty bolts, rather than
trying too hard to back off a rusty nut. The nut wins
about 99% of the time. Putting on the $200 worth of
shocks reminded me I need new tires- badly. This is
the first set of tires I’ve actually ran bald from
new. That’s gotta mean I’m getting old.

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