There was a big rainstorm the day before we arrived – complete with thunder and lightning. A rare occurrence here. Today was my first day out on the vessels. I thought I might only run boats here and there, but I was thrown right in today – and loved it. Funny – I was nervous with my skills for driving the vessels here, and I realized it was the one set of skills that I already have. It was like riding a bike, and it’s the same riding a bike wherever you are.

I crewed the vessel at 6 am on retrieving crew from the North Star pad, and brought them back to our docks with their luggage and their trip home to their 2 weeks off.

Next, we deployed oil boom from a couple connex vans down the beach.

In the late afternoon, we did Spill Response Training with workers from across Prudhoe Bay. We took them out to get familiar with running the boats, pulling up to barges for pushing or towing; docking the vessel; etc. The sun came out, too, and the wind died down from the morning. A perfect day to be out on the water.

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