Last night before heading back to Prudhoe, and like last month, I’m ready to go. Busy right up to the last minute. Packed fish. Ran to ship boxes of fish up to Savoonga. I dropped off my coveralls to get altered 10 days ago to the only person we knew in town, and I told her I needed it for work. Went today, and was handed back my coveralls with nothting done. Found out there was another lady out the road who did alteration, and she did it for me in one day. Gave her a good tip after talking with her husband about fishing and work, etc. Then she was very excited to find out we sold fish, so we might even have another customer from this.

Went fishing with Len on Mon-Tue. Slow fishing, and lots of rain. About 3 of the boats had humpback whales go through their nets to add insult to injury. I had orders that were supposedly ready to go, but the fish got shipped elsewhere before I packed them, and then we didn’t catch enough to make up for it. So it goes. I made my calls of disappointment and told the customers that their fish were still out swimming and they’d have to wait.

What cold, wet summer here. Weather looks great in Prudhoe. Calling for 50 and sunny soon. And dry. Bought a bunch of gloves to take with me so I have some that fit, and with the coveralls finally altered correctly, I hope to be comfortable this hitch.

Going moose hunting when I get back for a week. Ron and I are driving up to Fairbanks, where his son drew a cow permit. We can hunt for bulls. I called my friend Ken, who is from my hometown and moved to Fairbanks in the late 1960’s to teach. He’s back near our hometown now, but still has his property in Livengood. I called for permission to use it, and he was glad to oblige. I hope to deer hunt with him in Nov. back home.

Packed up gear for the elk hunt on Afognak in late Sept. Sent up the tent and sleeping bag and stove and mess kit. I’m hoping for the incredible weather we got last year, but not counting on it.

Made it in to absentee vote today. Kind of weird voting for party candidates when I’m a rabid non-partisan, but don’t want to miss voting and if the party wants me to vote, I’ll vote. Plus there were several ballot measures to vote on – another anomoly, since who votes in the primaries, anyway?

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