Big Sun

Sunrises and sunset here is about an hour apart. But the just before to just after are a dazzling sight. Like the best sunset you’ve ever seen on any beach in the world. Imagine the sun rising due south by a hair east of you, with nothing in between. Just flat, open sand, water or in our case, tundra. The dawn sky fades from blue to fire-orange and then there it is, just peeking over the horizon. A short while later, the full sun is a few degrees over the horizon, due south, and then starts to set again just a hair to the west of south, followed by a prolonged sunset of fire-orange sky.

I was in a dry-docked boat working under the dash today, retrieving an electronics component. It seemed pretty warm today, and I was guessing it was about zero or even above zero. However, my quickly freezing exposed skin on my cheeks told me it was probably still below zero. When I got into the wheelhouse of the boat, and closed the door, the sunlight slightly warmed the room, along with my exercise of moving around, and it was not unpleasant working there for three quarters of an hour.

This new sun of ’09 is definitely uplifting for the spirit.

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