Palin Resigns!

All we could say was freakin’ WOW when we got the news. Our governor resigned today. And after hearing her long winded speech about how much she cares about Alaska, neither I nor anyone I know can find an inch of substance as to why she’s leaving. If it’s nor national office and she’s tired of being in the media, that will only get worse so that’s not a valid reason for resigning. If it’s to take her kids out of the media, well maybe, but why run for Vice President if you want to shield your kids from the media? She also seemed to claim all the mostly (except Troopergate) ethics allegations were from the “national media” or something to that effect, but I think all of them were filed by Anchorage or Wasilla residents.

The gas line has a start, but the way she spoke today, it’s a done deal and ground is ready to be broken. Which it is not and may not. Not without someone like her to shepard it through.

Alaskans elected her. Sean Parnell only got elected because he won on the primary ticket and was her running mate. He is not the charismatic figure Palin is, and this may set the gasline back significantly. Maybe not. We’ll see.

I voted for Sarah for governor, but could not for president because I didn’t believe we needed a leader to carry on “God’s War” as she put it. If she ran for governor again, though, I could vote for her again. I don’t see anyone out there who really has the passion nor, again, the charisma, to be governor right now. Mark Begich maybe, but he’s now gone to the Senate. Uncle Ted running in his late 80’s is not out of the question, but the last few times I’ve seen him on television he looks to have aged significantly….backwards. He looks much healthier, and maybe he’s getting to spend more time here and out of doors.

In the end, I feel like a voter who was burned by another politician who got me to believe in them, showed some backbone, got me to vote for them, but in the end, deeply disappointed me as not being what we hoped they were. In her case, she turned out to quit on her constituents. For what reason, we don’t yet know. Could be due to a scandal yet to break. Could be it was too overwhelming for her to be in the media and have to take the heat and not really be able to fire back as governor, but now as a private citizen perhaps she thinks she can. But if this is the case – if she stays active in politics at some level – the scrutiny on her family may only increase, because whatever standars (albeit perhaps now lowered), but standards nonetheless of decorum normally afforded to politicians will evaporate once she’s a private citizen if she chooses to stay in the forefront of the media.

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