Deer Hunting

The weather has been crap this November. Normally, Sept. and Oct. are the nasty months, with Nov and Dec a little better. This year it was kind of just the opposite.

I went hunting with my inlaws, and we only go out to where we would like to have gone in the boat on one day, when we got 3 deer. I was dropped off on an island near town one day, and did not think I’d see much. Instead, I called in two bucks, but could not get them as by the time I could tell they were bucks it was too late. Both deer were in the woods, where it is always dark and my eyes ain’t what they used to be either.

I went hunting here behind the house one day. I almost stepped on a deer, and only did so because I had started up a stretch of incline in one direction, then backed up as I thought I was off the trail, and when I started in the new direction, there was the deer. Never got a shot off. By the looks of the tracks, it was a young deer.

Went hunting over on Admiralty yesterday on a very nice day. Walked along some beaver ponds where the beaver were very active. Saw some freshly gnawed trees with big chunks laying around as if someone took an ax to it. One tree was a 18 inches to 2 feet at the base, and I was surprised a beaver would take something that big on. Didn’t see any deer, but enjoyed exploring some new country.

President is sending in more troops to a far off land, to prove he’s a man I guess. Not sure how we expect Afghanistan to turn out any better than Iraq. Looks like much tougher terrain, and a lot less developed than Iran. Then we’re supposed to “hand over” security to them in 2011. Problem is, I haven’t heard them requesting to provide security. Maybe they won’t want to, and then we’ll blame them for our invading their country. I can only hope we get this one right but think that’s a faint hope. Spending another 30 billion for 30,000 troops on top of all the other money spent. Someone will get rich off this for sure, but it won’t be the 20 year olds we’re sending over to fight.

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