Mali : Mopti day 1

Back in Mali. End of dry season and all is hot. Stayed in same hotel with a/c that didn’t work well. Stayed in Bamako 2 nights, then up country for an all day drive after which our butts were very relieved to be over. Country looks more like desert with this being dry season end.

Mangoes are in season, and hard to stop eating them. Ripe right off the tree.

Due to funeral, we just greeted de la peche people. Director Konteh won the language battle with his 2 sentence winner “How are you. I am fine. Bara and I put rods together and practiced casting in the Niger. Very low water and lots of trash and feces along river bank. Sara and Aimee went to Bara’s home for a cooking lesson with his wife and daughters. Went to Peace Corps Babas in afternoon and ordered two suits. Long nap in afternoon. 100 degrees and even with a/c still sweating in bed.

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