Another great day

4 more marten today in the traps. I hadn’t been able to check them for 6 days due to crappy weather this weekend, but all were in good shape in the freezing temperatures.

I pulled some of the traps at the start of the line that had no marten, putting them in sets in between other beach sets. Saw one deer on the beach.

The winds were surly today. When I ran down the channel, the winds were southerly, and when I turned the corner, they were north. My first sets had a swell right on shore, and I repeatedly went over my boots getting the boat offshore enough with the anchor to keep it off the beach. Thank goodness the tide was flooding or I’d really been cranky.

I had one trap where the marten must have moved the box, and it sent the bait down the newspaper tube and the deer backbone was caught by the conibear trap. The marten then went to town chawing on the free meat, leaving scat right on the log where he was dining. I’ve already caught 3 marten and a mink at this site, with other trap snaps, so there’s more to come.

Had a Peace Corps friend pass away on Friday from cancer. A great lady my age, with a husband and two kids. Way too young, and made me really appreciate the day being alive on the water and in the woods and remembering her during our time in Sierra Leone.

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