Sending furs to the auction

My marten fur is ready to go the NAFA auction back east. First, I am required to “seal” them at the Alaska Dept. of Fish and Game. The state gets a number on how many I caught, where I caught them, and the number of males and females in the catch. It helps them keep track of the more valuable and more harvested species. Marten, for instance, bring upwards of $100 each. Mink, which only bring $20 or $30, and are stinky, greasy critters anyway, do not need to be sealed. I sent the two mink I had to Moyles to be tanned. The marten went to the NAFA consolidator up in Wasilla, who then ships my fur and others for the next auction in April.

I ordered sewing instructions for mittens and trappers hat from the UAF extension service, and hope to sew some of my furs myself. Would like to make some moccasins as well.

I’m off watching my niece play basketball in Petersburg and Sitka the next 2 weekends, and then the season closes for everything but beaver on Feb. 15, so this is likely the end of the season for me. If I get anymore, I’ll probably keep them for home use.

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Alaska Wild Salmon Company
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