River Reds

Lots and lots of sockeye in the river this week.  Ron and I came back up to Haines to subsistence fish.  This time in the river, as last time we fished in the saltwater.  We tried the new 50 ‘ net I made from one of Len’s old commercial nets.  I had to choke up the depth to work in the river.  It wasn’t pretty or perfect, but it worked.    We pressure bled the fish at Roys, dressed and iced them in coolers for the ferry ride home.  It quit raining as soon as we got to the river on Sat afternoon, and we caught 30 in 3 hours.  We went again today and got our remaining 20 in 3 drifts under blue skies and a glorious day with no one else on our stretch of the river on either day.

Mark Stopha
Alaska Wild Salmon Company
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