More berries

Picked 4 large coffee cans of blueberries at the cabin.  Only to find out that many of the berries I pick are “huckleberries” and not blue berries.  I only thought huckleberries came in red, and now I find it’s what I’ve been picking all along.  Learn something new everyday.

Fished before I went to pick and the next day on the way home.  Was not getting anything on a flasher and hootchie- the standard coho gear – so switched to what I learned in Wrangell.  Had one big strike and a big fish on the line, and when I set the hook, I pulled it right out of its mouth.

Ran 3 whale watching tours today.  Easiest job in the world.  Learned a new spot to see harbor seals hauled out, and a new spot to see monster Stellar sea lions hauled out.  Again, learn something new every day.