Went to pick more berries this weekend. Initially thought I’d just try to find a few red huckleberries at our cabin island, as I had always just noticed a bush here and there with no concentration. What I learned this weekend was that the berries ARE there, they are just cryptic. Due to their small size, they can be difficult to see – even thought they are red. Once I found one bush, there were more around, and if I bent low and looked under, I could see the berries. Some of the taller ones where just drooping with berries. I guess I picked close to 2 gallons or so.

Fished on the way over and back but caught nothing. Ron caught a coho on the way over, and set 2 crab pots, but had no crab when he checked them this morning. Lots of boats out for Sept. 1, it seemed. I didn’t see anyone land a fish. Rain and a little light wind.

Finally fixed my truck after struggling for a week. Changed out the master cylinder, proportioning valve, and rear brakes (which needed changing) and finally thought it was the power booster, which I’d changed less than 2 years ago. Then I thought to check the vacuum pump, and that was it. No suction. Of course, the part comes without the pulley, no one in town had a pulley, and my mechanic did not have the correct puller. I found a puller and pulley setter – separate tools, of course, and $30 each – replaced the pulley, and the brakes finally worked. What a load off my mind. It had me thinking day and night what the problem could be, and glad that’s over.

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