The Big Hunt

Day 1 – Left on Chris McDowell’s siener “Marsons” Sat. morngin. Set a long line for black cod. Caught about a dozen each black cod and rockfish. Anchored in Hawk Inlet.
Day 2 – Hunted Hawk Inlet. Saw not even a track in fresh, falling snow. Tied up in Hoonah. Saw old friend Aldwin, who now lives in Hoonah.
Day 3 – Ran to Idaho Inlet. Skiffed the beach from Pt. Adolphus to Idaho and no deer on the beach. Delivered supplies to Idaho Inlet cabin and ran out to Takatz Harbor.
Day 4 – Hunted morning in Takatz Bay in the rain. Came to boat mid-day to warm up. Sun came out, and went to north side of Bay to a muskeg we could see from the boat. Called in a little buck, and missed. When looking for that, saw a big, big buck, and missed again. Chris and Blane got a nice buck and missed 2 or 3 other deer with the buck. Ran to Squid Bay due to forecast and anchored.
Day 5- Hunted muskegs south of Squid Bay in driving rain. Then moved to timber, called up a doe and (Bill) missed at 20 yards. Returned to boat, ran through to Lisanski because of forecast, and when we heard the updated forecast later, decided to run all the way to Juneau. Glad we did. Big winds predicted for a week. On our way from Squid B. to Lisianski, the tow rope to the skiff parted at the stern of the boat, but I’d tied on another line to a loop just ahead of where the line was tied to the stern, and tied a line to the loop with the other end of the line to the stern. The back up line saved the skiff. My skiff looked like a giant had taken the boat, turned it upside down, and shaken it. Even the forward hatch covers came off. But all seemed well after I bailed it out. Another boat traveling north from Salisbury reported losing an 18 foot Bayrunner and a 16 foot lund skiff they had in tow, so we felt lucky.

Saw some great country and a great group to travel with, even though no deer!

Mark Stopha
Alaska Wild Salmon Company
4455 N. Douglas Hwy
Juneau, AK 99801

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