Forecast called for windy weather this weekend, so I checked my traps yesterday. Finally got into the areas I had not been able to reach and am hopeful those sets will produce a few marten. Left my hatchet at one set, and hope I can find it when I return. I have a habit of doing that it seems.
Also glad to get the stinky bait off the boat. Hope it’s not too stinky for marten to come to it. I put some jam for bait at each set as well.

Pulled all the other sets as none of them had any fur this check. I’d taken all my marten to date in those 5 or 6 sets, and so they have probably run their course. Still no otters yet. Hope to find some more sets for those before the season ends.

The boat had been leaking, which I found out when I tried to go out on Monday. I’d already looked carefully under the boat after suspecting a leak, and could find none. When I launched the boat and pulled up the floor board, there it was. It was still hard to see underneath, and when I put on the marine tex, I did not put it on the right spot. It still leaked yesterday. I pulled the boat into the garage yesterday when I got back, found that I’d missed in my my patch, found the leak, and hopefully have it patched now. I’ll have to keep an eye on it since it’s right where the transom meets the hull and it will want to rub off. The first patch didn’t cure very well so I have a light bulb hung right next to this one to see if a little heat will do better.

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