Taku Harbor

Went to Taku Harbor with Steve, Pat and Lorrie. Ran out of fuel near Grand Island on the Sea Lion. Realized the manifold was only drawing off one tank, and I had checked the other tank, of course. We added fuel to the right tank and were on our way quickly. Calm seas at the time, so not a worry.

Taku Harbor is heavily used in the summer, but not this time of year apparently. When we arrived, the one boat at the float was leaving. Another at a distant float left the next day. One other boat came in to anchor but that was it for our 4 day stay.

We had 3 days of sun and a day of rain. Not much for crab in the pot – some juvenile king crab, some tanner crab and a dungie. Lots of juvenile dungies around the dock, too. Tried trolling for kings but no luck. Lots of feed, but no salmon. Tried for halibut a bit and no luck there, either.

Hooters were hooting up a storm. The mountains around Taku Harbor are straight up. We tried for the nearest one, which sounded close, but was way up the mountain. In fact, we couldn’t hear it when we got up the mountain, but could hear it again at sea level. Saw sea lion, seals, murrelets, sea gulls, lots of eagles. No bears yet. The public use cabin at Taku Harbor was great. Lots of room for sleeping, etc.

Scoped out potential for trapping, etc while down there and the longest run yet on the Sea Lion, which ran great and seems to be pretty fuel efficient. We towed the skiff just in case we needed it for safety or to use while down at the cabin.

A good 4 days of relaxation and fellowship.

Mark Stopha

Alaska Wild Salmon Company

4455 N. Douglas Hwy

Juneau, AK 99801


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