Went hunting up behind the house.  Probably got further back up the mountain than I ever have.  Saw a little sign and no deer.  Leaves still on the blueberry bushes and the devil’s club making it hard to see.  When I got back in about as far as I went, I found an enormous spruce tree that looked like a good place to have a snack and blow the deer call, which I did. When I got up to leave, something coming directly at me startled me.  Then I realized it was a very young porcupine, who simply waddled right by me, then to the tree, and then to the hole in the bottom of the tree- which I saw was his or her living quarters.  Saw 2 hunters on the Treadwell trail on the way back down to the house. They’d seen nothing, either. 

Mark Stopha
Alaska Wild Salmon Company
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