Otter Harvest

Reset my marten traps today.  Got my first river otter, and a big one.  My guess is about 4 feet head to tail and maybe 30 lbs?  Saw a bunch of others but they were too slippery.  Deer season ended today so from now to mid-Feb when trapping season closes I have the Admiralty coast pretty much to myself.  About everywhere I set traps I saw hunters tracks but we didn’t hear a shot all day.  We saw a deer on the beach but Matt decided it was too small.   Lots of snow on Douglas and Admiralty.  Could be a rough winter for deer, plus there’s a few wolves on Douglas and they will have a field day.    I reached 50 and finally realized I can wear my chest waders trapping so I can anchor the boat far enough off to get the traps checked without the boat going dry.  Who knew?