Southeast Trapper School

Got to the inlaws yesterday.  Spent the evening avoiding a wine tasting party by boarding marten pelts at the brother of my brother in law’s garage.  A nephew was on hand to watch us.  He has his own line he checks with his dad.  When he said they were going out tomorrow, I begged my way on as a passenger.
They arrived in the skiff 20 minutes early to beat the weather coming in.  I had been up with coffee on and was ready to go when they arrived.  I took my .243 just in case I got a chance for a deer.
They have conibear sets for marten and otter, and a few snares set for wolf.  All the traps are set within 30 yards of the beach.  I’d wanted to learn how to set for otter, and at the first set, I got to see how to set for them, including one that connected with a large otter.  I helped the nephew remove the rest the trap, and his dad came up to double check things before we moved on.  It took a couple hours to check the rest, and we got one more nice dark-furred marten.  Got back at noon, just before the weather set it, as it’s snorting and raining now.  Can’t wait to get back to get my traps back out and get in some otter sets with the marten sets.

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