Spring Kings

Went to Wrangell to fish with my king salmon fishing expert friend Dave.  Wrangell was in full pre-season mode.  Commercial fishing boat work going on everywhere.  New decks going in.  Paint going on.  Dave is busy at his business and could only break away for the weekend so I planned to hooter hunt on Friday.  Went out a couple roads into timber I would expect to find some birds but no hooting.  Did not hear one.  My brother in law and his brother were on their way back home from Wrangell and stopped at a favorite spot and heard none, either.  Next day we left early and went behind Wrangell to fish.  We got a nice 18 lb white king and about a 12 lb red king.  A beautiful metallic-orange-throated humming bird flew into the cabin through the open door as I held the boat at the beach so Dave could walk his dogs for some exercise.  I had had this happen on my troller, so went inside and put my hat over the bird trying to fly through the back window.  Then lightly picked it up with my free hand.  I held it gently for Dave to take a photo but it flew out of my hand before the shot.  We saw at least 2 other of the same looking birds.  I’ve not seen that color up here in Juneau.  The next day we went fishing and tried in front of town but it was too windy to be much fun.  We tried for a couple hours, then quit and went back to watch Bob work on his house.  I left Bob several king steaks as his nieces were coming to town soon.  I jumped on the ferry later in the day for the trek back to Juneau.  We were to stop in Petersburg, so I called Paul to offer a piece of king salmon at the stop, but Paul, being the social animal that he is, was off to Easter dinner and called later after he got my message but unfortunately we were long gone.  Another great trip to Wrangell.

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