May Hooters

Don Jackson came up from Starkville to hunt hooters with me.  We had warm weather and not a drop of rain for the 4 days he was here.  The first day we set a couple dungy pots and hiked up Admiralty across from our cabin and heard not a one hooter.  Don lost his binoculars as well.  We hiked back down and fished the rest of the day for nothing.  Next morning Don was up at 5am.  It was overcast as opposed to the clear day the day before.  He woke me up and said the hooters are hooting.  We made breakfast and back across to the same hill that was silent the day before.  We went bird to bird, getting the first one by about 730 am and the last one about 230.  We cleaned each bird as we got them, and I collected snow and put it in ziplocs to cool down the meat.  We hiked to a fifth bird that I swear was in a tree we looked in last year when Pat, Steve and Lorrie were here and again, we spent an hour doing the merry go round the tree and never could see the bird.  The tree was in a spot that meant we had to side hill through a train wreck of downed trees to get back to the side of the peninsula where we left the skiff.  It was as dry as it gets in the rainforest, and a ton of pretty skunk cabbage everywhere, with the huckleberry blossoming as well, so not too bad a walk back.  Next morning was clean and silence again.  Could be most of the hooter were shot on the hill, but I doubt it.  We fished for the day for zip, and when we checked the crab pots, both were full of immature king crab, so I didn’t reset them.  We fished Douglas Island on the way home and saw a few fish caught or hanging over the side of skiffs but no luck for us.  Don had brought down some bluegill fillets from his fish pond so we had a dinner of hooter and bluegill and invited Ron over so he and Don could do their secret Eagle Scout handshakes.  Don might have even talked himself into coming up to teach at the Juneau Boy Scout camp next summer, even though he called Ron by the name Dan.  We hit the hay early Friday and got Don on the plane early Sat to get him back to Starkville in time for mother’s day.

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