First deer hunt

Went to the cabin and picked berries for a few hours in the evening and planned to hunt Admiralty the next day.  It rained all through the night and I thought it was going to be another berry picking day as I didn’t want to hunt this early in the season in the rain, but then the rain stopped about 8 am and I got my gear together and headed out.  The wind was wrong to hunt the spot I wanted to on Admiralty, so I headed over to Douglas Island.  I headed to mostly new country today, and got into some nice spots for calling but didn’t see any deer.  I wonder how many the 2 wolves that appear to be living there are getting these days.  I did find some bumper crops of blue huckleberries, and almost got so obsessed with picking I was going to end up getting out of there at dark.  Planned on coho fishing on the way home but it was too late and I was too bushed and dehydrated to stop.  My water bottle is sitting full on the cabin table as I write this.

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