Wolf in the parking lot

I’ve been helping out on some field work collecting salmon fry still in the gravel.  We are working on Fish Creek, a local stream on North Douglas Island that runs under the road and then out a half mile further to the ocean.  There’s a parking lot down a short driveway from the road for parking for people who walk themselves and their pets.  A foot bridge crosses the stream and there are trails going either direction – up stream and out to the ocean channel.  

I was there yesterday, facing the creek while the rest of the team was with their backs to the stream, getting ready for the morning field work.  I saw behind them a large dog that crossed the creek from our side, loped across a gravel bar in the middle, then up the bank on the other side, without a sound and it never looked our way.  It all took an instant to process before I realized I’d just seen a wolf.  Of course it was gone before I said anything and we never glimpsed it again.  It was a large black and grey wolf.  First live wolf I’ve ever seen.  And right from the parking lot in the Capital City.

Mark Stopha
Alaska Wild Salmon Company
4455 N. Douglas Hwy
Juneau, AK 99801

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