No way forward

I got the 4 Sierra Leoneons to the Mudrooms on Wednesday. For the two brothers, their cousin had just passed from Ebola. He had run an orphanage in Freetown since the war. His wife also died from Ebola. And their 6 month old now had the disease. They also had a 10 year old. I can only imagine his condition, seeing his parents gone and his sibling battling on the ropes.
After virtually no snow this winter, now we are getting March snow storms. Even so, the hooters are beginning to hoot. Tomorrow I will host the Sierra Leone 4 here at the house to prepare for our story telling event, then hope to make it to the cabin for a few days of fishing and if the hooters are hooting, some hooter hunting.
It’s hard to fathom what is happening on the ground in Sierra Leone. Francis and Solomon and Tamba are gone.  And they are a microcosm of the country. A reported 12,000 orphans today. It seems like a large number for such a small country, yet these numbers are almost certainly conservative numbers. And there is no good answer. Or solution.

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