Bring your Xtratuffs, people!

I entertained 5 off the cruise ship, 3 of which who were sisters that were friends of my cousins back in Olean, NY. We went fishing and caught salmon steady for an hour. Then took one of the fish to our cabin for lunch. The pilgrims all got wet feet on the way in to our cabin. It wasn’t that they forgot to bring boots. They didn’t even bring them on their 2 week cruise which ends with a land portion up in Fairbanks. One of them had some plastic bag booties to go over their sneakers, which I knew would not make it to the cabin. I asked them that if we happened to meet anyone along the trail to our cabin, to please indicate they were not with me. This cannot stand, people. It’s turning a cruise into Disney World where each stop is another ride. The cruise lines should charge everyone an extra $100 and include Xtratuffs in their travel package. That way every time people leave the ship in their boots they’ll be ready for whatever weather or conditions happen, rain or shine. Xtratuffs are comfortable to walk in, so they can shop all they want and make a fashion statement at the same time in some of the get-ups we see around town. Happily, my new friends were not put off in the least. They loved the salmon and scenery and Alaskan harassment for choice of footware and tolerated the wet feet. Pretty hard to be too demanding if you grow up in Allegany, NY. I hope they come back.

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