Salmon berries waning

Picked for 2 hours last night and got about 7 lbs of berries. Tried a new spot as it looked like someone may have been in the honey hole. The new spot was not as good as the earlier ones. Few berry bushes with fewer berries and berries getting alot softer, although still sweet. Found out that stinging nettles look a lot like salmon berries. Got stung on my hands, which are still numb this morning. Also learned I should let the berries strain overnight. After straining off about a pint of juice from the 7 lbs in the usual fashion last night as I’d done before vac packing, I put this batch of berries in the fridge, instead of vac packing and freezing, as Sara wants to make something with them and rhubarb for the 4th of July party at Jeff’s. This morning there was another pint of juice under the strainer.

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