Kurt Hopewell, Deer Hunter

Kurt got a really big doe by a long (for us) shot.  We were standing 10 yards apart and I couldn’t see the deer on a big muskeg up near the top that came to the call.  He shot it out at about 75 yards as the deer had seen him and started to walk away.  Right after he shot, he said he didn’t know if he hit it.  I thought I heard a branch break right after he shot but that was it.  We went up to the sight and no blood or hair.  First I went off behind the deer, then Kurt said it was walking 90 degrees to where I was looking. away – why he didn’t tell me that first, I dunno!  Too excited.  I walked down along the edge of the muskeg the way he said it went then moved back about 10 yards and came back thorough some trees.  Did not think he hit it and that it was gone.  Then there it was.  Stone dead.    It had taken about 2 bounds, got into the trees, and went down. Kurt shot it right through the heart. We butchered it up there since we were pretty far from the beach and it was a glorious day, down to quarters, and each packed half back.  We then butchered and vac packed just now finishing here at dark.  No rain.  Sun and a beautiful day and no wind.  That was the only deer we saw. 

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