Getting wood in.

Wow.  The 028 Stihl dad bought me when I came to Alaska is still running strong.  I have to start it with starting fluid because the choke/air filter replacement I got I can’t make work to choke, but once I start it once it will start the rest of the day.  I also just had to replace the oil pump which was no big deal.  I just wish I could master sharpening the chain.  I have an electric sharpener, hand sharpener, etc but never seem to be able to get is as sharp as when I take it to the store for sharpening.  I’ve got an older smaller Stihl at the cabin that still runs great, too. Anyway, starting to get wood down from up behind our garage.  It’s maybe 50 or 75 yards up the hill.  A couple big trees blew over a few years ago in a wind storm. They also knocked down some dead trees. I’m taking them all, punky or solid.  I’m cutting them into sections I can end-over-end down to the creek behind the garage. Then I’ll buck them into rounds there, roll them across the bridge and down the driveway, then split them at the woodshed and throw them in.  Lots of manual labor and good exercise which I need more than the stove heat. 

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